Worth the Wait

This week's sermon is taken from Acts 7:11-24, the account the martyr Stephen gives of the history God’s people in Egypt. Pastor Sam draws out three key lessons from the passage:

1)    Pain often precedes the promise. The story of Joseph all the way through to the exodus is full of suffering and pain. Sometimes before the biggest breakthroughs of your life come the biggest fights of your life. God’s promise is fulfilled in the end.

2)    Be faithful in the small things. Joseph is faithful in all regards during his time in Egypt. It is through his faithfulness to God that he was eventually promoted into a position where he could save God’s people from famine.

3)    Let the burning bush speak, not your own will. Moses made a terrible mistake by acting out of impulse and killing an Egyptian. It was not until God spoke to Moses in the burning bush that his mission and mandate was made clear. Do not respond to pressure or your own instincts, but wait for the Holy Spirit to speak.