Who Am I?

"You are precious and honored in my sight" Isaiah 43:4

Solomon's Porch was blessed to have guest speaker Pastor Mitsunobu
from Kobe visit this week. Pastor Mitsunobu challenged the
congregation to ask where we derive our value from. Is our self-worth
shaped by how much we make, the clothes we wear, or the car we drive?
Or is it shaped by God?

Value can be defined by 1) the identify of the owner and 2) how much
someone is willing to pay for something. If we realized we are owned
and created by God and that God sacrificed his only Son on our behalf,
our value becomes eminently clear.

Sociologists say that our self-esteem is determined by what we think
the most important person in our life thinks about us. The view of
friends, family, and colleagues can change, thus making our view of
self volatile and subject to others. However, if we realize our full
worth comes from God, and God alone, we will not be shaken. Which
voices in your life are you going to listen to?

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