Finding Success

Last Sunday Pastor Sam was on a mission trip so Pastor Philip was the guest speaker for this week. Pastor Philip is the pastor of Kingdom Community Church and has a consultancy for start-up churches.  He challenged the congregation to reflect on what it means to be successful in God’s eye. Is success spiritual, treasures in haven or savings souls? All of these are success but at the end of Proverbs 27 God says He will also provide for the needs of yourself and your family. God gives us core strength, however, the tendency to ‘multi-tasking’ can distract us from our core strength. Pastor Philip asked the congregation to consider what their primary strength is. He also emphasised, that it is important to sharpen it and to grow the gifts that God has given. Lastly, Pastor Philip pointed out that sometimes the old has to be removed for the new to grow. Sometimes God will close a door, however, we can be assured that when He closes one door, He will open another.

Solomon's Porch Singapore