Grey's Anatomy

Is there a gray zone in our spiritual life - areas in life where the Bible doesn't provide explicit guidance? Are we then left to our own decisions in this area?  PSam doesn't believe in this concept of gray zone. Instead, love is perfectly clear, and it's limitless how we can love. We've missed the point if we reduce it to what we can and cannot do before God- it's about our relationship with God and what will be pleasing to Him. 

By being followers of Christ, we're no longer slaves to spiritual rules and regulations; we've been freed to love in unlimited capacity. Our focus is to know God more, to know the fullness of his revelation, and to love him and our neighbours. 

When we cease to ask God if our decisions and actions are pleasing to him, and whether it's edifying to others in the Church - that's when we're in trouble. 

What matters to God is what's in our heart and the reason behind our actions. We want to be thoughtful about whether we're violating the relationship through our thoughts, actions - and not worry so much about the rules and regulations. 

In terms of actions, we're encouraged to think about dedicating them to God and making sure that our heart is in the right place. Let's not have division in the body because of gray areas- with topics like Halloween, yoga, etc. God cares more about how we live our life - how much of a focus we put on building up our relationship with him. 

Romans 14:13-21

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