Romans 12:2
Last Sunday member of the congregation John Kim preached the sermon. John shared his testimony, by answering what, how and when.

What? John told the story how he was praying for success for his business, and God told him to
imagine how he would react if his son would ask him for money to invest in a business. John realised that he would only give his son the money, if he had confidence that he would spend it wisely and stay in touch with him.

How? John told the congregation that he has a strong desire to succeed, and that once he decided to fast from work by dedicating half his work day to praying and bible study. He did this during a very important period of his business. Like the Israelites he wanted the fast to be a sacrifice. Besides, the work fast his business succeeded. John said he realised that if you are close to God you can be anywhere because being accepted by God is enough.

When? John shared that he thought that God would reveal Himself in big moment during the fast.
However, John realised that the internal transformation towards God is an ongoing process. Like
many figures in the Bible (e.g. Abraham, Moses, or Paul) it took years for their characters and their relationship with God to develop.

The important point is that we do not just stop sin on the outside, but that we are transformed from the inside so that we do not sin, neither on the outside or inside.

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