The Underdog

In this week's sermon, Pastor Sam shared from Ruth 2:15-18 which reflects the mandate given by God in the Mosaic law regarding the treatment of the poor and foreigners. God commanded that fields be not gleaned (Lev 22:23) so that the poor and destitute could obtain sustenance by picking up after harvesters. This is what Ruth, a widowed foreigner, was doing when she caught the attention of her wealthy next of kin Boaz.

Mercy and generosity are fundamental attributes of God, which he commands his church to embody. We, like Ruth, were spiritual foreigners whom God rescued from our spiritual destitution. As a church, we should reflect this mercy in everything we do. If we are truly thankful to God for how he rescued us, this attitude will flow over into all aspects of our lives, even little things like how respectfully we treat service staff, domestic helpers, or taxi drivers. We also must reflect on whether we are committing sins of omission by refusing to do something we know we should do for a needy brother or sister.

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