Why House Church?

Acts 2:42-47

With the launch of a new season of HC, Pastor Sam wants to address these questions, "What is it that we do at HC? Why should I join a HC?" Some of us may not yet fully understand the intention / mode of HC, so we might not be getting everything out of it that we can.

Sometimes HC is misunderstood, but it's important to know that HC is one of the greatest blessings from God to the church.  An apt analogy: No matter how good of a surgeon one is, he/she cannot operate on oneself. Similarly, no matter how spiritual and mature you are, there are certain things in your life that you struggle with that you need others to help with. There are still blind spots in our lives, things we've never encountered before, and we need the community to help and support us. It takes a lot of humility and grace to say, 'I need you/ I need the church / I need HC.'

HC is what the church has been doing for thousands of years, and has 4 foundational pillars:

Word - The Bible is God's manual for our lives for every step of the way. We get into the Word in our HC's; without this, our lives may look like the Christian life on the surface but in substance, is not. The Creator has a design for your life; God can redeem all aspects of your life, and he does it by the Word.

Welcome (Fellowship)- place of belonging; from the Cheers theme song: "Sometimes you wanna go where everyone knows your name and everyone's glad you came". We come together to know each other, to care for each other. We need a spiritual family, and HC is our spiritual family.

Worship - a place of beholding & experiencing God's presence. Through genuine congregational worship, we can experience God together. The breaking of bread / eating together is also symbolic of worship (1 cor 10:16-17) Worship is active, participatory, and members of HC take on different roles in the HC, depending on what season they're in. Sometimes it's to learn things for the first time, and others it's to support the leaders in encouraging these first timers.

Work - place of ministry: How can I apply the word to my life this week, at work, at home, in the community? 

In summary, we choose to bring God's presence to our HC. The enemy will try to fight this, so there will be spiritual attacks in our lives, but know that you're right where you need to be. There's meaning and purpose in the family of God, which is discovered in the HC community. Come out of the isolated pursuit of happiness in community - you will encounter your Maker and you'll never be the same.

Sign up for HC - believe in the Word and give God a chance :)

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