Jesus’ Invitation

1 Corinthians 12:12-27

On Sunday, Senior Pastor Sam Song spoke about unity in the church – particularly about Jesus’s continual invitation to communion with him. Jesus’ invitation is to a deeper life, into his heart, into a place of healing and into relating to each other as the body of Christ.

We need to recognise who we are as the body of Christ:

1. We are one: as stressed by scripture. This unity is vertical, not horizontal – we must all be in agreement with God.

2. We are all equally important. We should appreciate the interdependence we have, not compare, but work together.

3. We are to equally care for one another in building God’s house.

4. Learn to rejoice and suffer together. We must resist jealousy, and not think ‘what about me?’, but yield to one another in the spirit of Christ.

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