Motivated To Fast

Esther 4:1-14 NASB
Pastor Sam shares about the story of Esther and how judgement coming on the people of Israel and the background of her fast. The setting for her story showed that there was initial hesitation in her decision to approach the king.
Her call to action was only done in the faith that God would favour and bless her. Sometimes when we fast, it seems quite difficult to do and we get overwhelmed by the hunger pangs and it distracts us from the reason why we even fast.
Everything we do, be it the different ministries, the good works as well as fasting, can seem pointless and unfulfilling if our motivation isn’t for Christ. Without a deep and meaningful relationship, all we are doing is just doing things and that is not sustainable.
Thankfully, Jesus helps us by meeting us halfway. He bled for us that we may have salvation and just as important is His resurrection from the dead and the things that give us doubt and drain us should have no more influence on us. We hope that the fast becomes easier for you not because your stomach gets used to the hunger but because you become more and more reliant on God!