Pastor Sam shares the story of Palm Sunday from Matthew 21:1-11. In this passage, we see crowds rally around Jesus, praising him--their hearts full of expectation as to the deliverance Jesus would bring. 

Yet, at the end of that same week, Jesus was brutally murdered. The crowd's expectations and hopes were crushed. However, this was because they did not understand that Jesus would rise from the dead. Jesus' crucifixion is only failure if viewed separate from the resurrection. 

In our earthly journeys, we will seemingly encounter instances when God has let us know, when he has failed to meet our expectations. During times like this, the story of David is an encouragement. Between the time he was anointed king of Israel and actually took the throne elapsed around 15 years--long years of thankless tasks, mortal threats, relational tension and more. In this time, David had to keep his eyes on the One who gave the promise, not the promise itself. 

In our lives, we also too must remember that it is not about the promise but the "Promiser" and that God desires to shape and mold us on the journey, not just bring us to the destination.