The Running Father

In this week's sermon, lay preacher Jeremy Ng shares a new take on the story of Luke 15:11-32, commonly referred to as the story of the Prodigal Son. Most commentators focus on the image of the prodigal son--the individual who transgressed every social expectation of his time (asking for his inheritance while his father was still alive, living a sinful life in a pagan land, and then working in servitude to a foreigner).

Yet, the image of the father of the prodigal son is in many ways more powerful. Despite the fact that the father had every right to disown his son, not only did he let him back into the household on honored terms, but he literally tucked in his robe and ran after his son as soon as he saw him on the horizon. The father set aside his dignity to embrace his son. Moreover, the father scarified a fattened calf to welcome his son home. In the same way, Jesus was scarified so that we could be reconciled to the Father, and so that we (who are all prodigal) could celebrate with Him. This week, let's reflect on the story of the Running Father and worship God for the sacrifice of his Son.