Come as you are, serve as He did

Lay preacher Alvin Tan shares the amazing truth that God uses deeply flawed and imperfect people to accomplish His kingdom mission. A look through the Bible will reveal that even the greatest heroes like Moses or David were insecure, sinful, and in need of redemption. The story of the young rich ruler in Mark 10 illustrates that even the most ‘righteous' among us fail to live up to God’s standard. But despite our broken nature, God wants us to do his work, because He is the one working through us. 

Alvin lays out 4 reasons why we serve:

  1. Because God has called us to serve. It is a command laid out in Scriptures.
  2. Because God created us to serve. We were designed to serve. Living in line with our purpose brings fulfillment. 
  3. Because we are equipped to serve. God has given us the resources needed to accomplish the work put before us.
  4.  Because it is good for us. Rather than being draining, serving is life giving. Selfishness has the potential to consume us and ruin our lives. The antidote is to serve others.

This week, reflect on God’s goodness to use us as broken characters for his work. Think about ways you can serve, including alongside Solomon’s Porch.