Genesis 22

When we see an incredible act of faith- instead of asking how we should be asking "why" did he do that? 

God wants an intimate relationship with us. We often go through the week, forgetting who we are and why we're doing what we do. God is constantly trying to remind us of how much he loves us and that the goal is to maintain an intimate, passionate relationship with him.

When we do things that we shouldn't do - which we don't even want to do, but end up doing - we shouldn't hide from God. God never wants us to hide or to break our relationship with him. God sees us the only way he can - as his son/ daughter, and he loves us. 

Genesis 14:22 "possessor of heaven and earth" - Abram recognises God and gives all credit to God, for he is Abram's provider.

However, after some time, Abram loses faith and wants to break the covenant regarding Isaac. So he asks God to bless Ishmael instead. However, God says no - God is faithful to his covenant even when Abram is not. When this happens, this may be an indication that what we want most is what may enslave us.

Then, after 25 years of struggle and obedience, and following God through it all, Abram comes to a place of single revelation - when he knows who he is and who is Father is. "God will provide for Himself the lamb for the burnt offering, my Son" - even when God asked Abram to lay down his son - whom he had been waiting for for 25 years - and sacrifice him, Abram had such faith in God as the provider. 

God wants to call some of us out of hiding. What's our earthly treasure? What have we been striving for? And what does this represent? Being loved? Having commitment? Having status? Being important? Achieving these goals will only take us so far- all of these needs can only be fulfilled fully by God.