Song of Deliverance

Lay preacher Jeremy Ng shares the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20, which recounts how the people of Judah faced insurmountable odds as they went to war against the armies of hostile neighbors. Yet Jehoshaphat did not allow the people to despair. Rather, before going into battle, Jehoshaphat instructed his men to be led to the front line by singers. Because of the people's worship, God caused the foreign armies to turn against each other and Judah won victory over 3 nations before even arriving at the battlefield.

Worship is the tool we must use to confront every spiritual challenge that comes our way. Why?

1.    Worship keeps our eyes on God-- it is an admission of total dependence on God, declaring God is sovereign and in control. 
2.    Worship fills us with Holy Spirit and releases the power of Spirit. Worship unlocks the supernatural. 
3.    Finally, worship is a verbal declaration of God’s Word. Remember when Jesus faced temptation, His first line of defense was God's Word. 

Our goal must be to constantly worship--whether in the waiting, in the warring, or in the winning. This week let us rely less on ourselves and more on our worship of God.