Making Your Own Bed

Last Sunday Pastor Sam preached on the possibility of experiencing a bit of heaven already in this life. Pastor Sam points out that some people may have the view that this life is simply for waiting until it is over so that one can go to heaven. Whereas others try to actively live in the presence of God already in this life. The latter view is closer to the Jesus’ teaching. Jesus said He came so that we have life in abundance. Pastor Sam also pointed out the importance of doing the little things. He referenced a commencement speech by a former navy seal admiral, who emphasized that changing the world starts with making your own bed. As Christians we are called to change the world, as Christians we want to be in a world that comes along side God.

Pastor Sam also emphasised how important it is to recognise that we are all God’s children – God blessed Ishmael too, God did not only bless Isaac. Sometimes people ask how can God allow suffering and that some people are saved and others are not. God wants everyone to be saved – as Christians we play a part in this, are asked to live a life that draws people to Christ.

Lastly, Pastor Sam told the story of academic Sarah Stonebraker who converted to Christianity from atheism after engaging with the atheist philosopher Peter Singer. Ultimately, a purely secular philosophy cannot provide the answer to the deepest questions people have, only God can.