Sons and Daughters

Today, Charles, a member of SP, shared what makes SP so special to him and how it can help us to grow in God's love 

First impression of SP 3 years ago: Charles went to HC and saw how raw and real it was. But in terms of the service, it was "interesting" how there was no pastor - this honestly was a bit of a stumbling block for Charles. However, he realised he was looking at the church through a human lens, and at SP, learned how the church is viewed thru God's eyes. 

God put it on Charles' heart to share this passage today: Romans 8:1-3, 14-17, 31-39 

We hide when we have sinned and we think we can hide from God, but we can't and we don't have to. When we sin and mess up, God doesn't want to blame us - he wants to help us clean up and make it better, bc he loves us, above our sins and failures - we should see us as God sees us, as his beloved children.

When we look at others, we should see them as God sees them as well- as his children. Jesus never turned away sinners and actually sought out to save sinners, vs those who think they're righteous (Pharisees) 

1 Corinthians 1:26-28. We're all imperfect people serving a perfect God; qualifications to be a lay preacher or any type of leader is bc we're children of God and have a relationship with Jesus, and not bc of anything else. God will prepare us to serve, it's not up to us to prepare ourselves and get ourselves in order before we serve. By ourselves, we have no merit; only with God, do we have merit to serve - it's really God who blesses through us. 

To summarize, Point 1: God loves each of us as His children, and we need to love ourselves too, as God loves us

Point 2: we need to love and accept one another in the body as God loves us