Air Time

Luke 10:38:42

This passage gives us the key on how to continue to serve the Lord without feeling burned out - makes us ask ourselves, why are we serving? Why are we giving? 

In the passage, it states that "Martha was distracted." 

A lot of what we're doing when serving is "doing" for others, and not for building / maintaining our personal relationship with God. Ministry comes out of being, not doing. It's being at the feet of Jesus, getting power from there, and then serving from that power. Mary is more interested in the heart of Christ rather than "doing," and Jesus says that's the better thing to do, to learn and listen to his Word.

It's easy to get distracted but we need to be connected to God every day. Our day to day pursuit of Jesus and our quiet times (aka air time) is necessary, because God has a fresh Word for us everyday. Having our hearts in the right place will allow the Word to speak to us each day. Daily time with God should be seen as so vital that without it, we couldn't survive. 

One of the most important things in our daily walk is guarding our thought life- not succumbing to temptation. Sitting at Jesus' feet is the best defense for this, to fend off the devil's daily attacks. 

When we have Jesus, we are lacking nothing - just like Adam and Eve in the Garden initially. Why are we grasping at things instead of clinging to Jesus? Our life focus should be to sit at Jesus' feet and commune with, and learn from, him. 

Hearing God's voice is vital in our Christian walk / spiritual life. The best way to hear is by being right by Jesus' feet- without distractions from the world.

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