Power Up

Last Sunday Pastor Sam preached about fasting from Matthew 4, focusing on how Jesus was tempted by the devil. There is something powerful when the church comes together to fast. Fasting releases spiritual energy, like having an energy bar during a hike.

However, fasting is not about getting something, it is getting someone. It is about content after the heart of God. Pastor Sam invited the members of the congregation to think about with what the devil will tempt them the most, asking themselves: What’s your highest expectation from God? If it doesn’t come true, would it knock you out? Pastor Sam used the image of boxing match for the spiritual life. In boxing, as in the spiritual life, it is the small punches that can knock you out. Besides the ups and downs, we can trust God. The did devil tried to tempt Jesus.

Ultimately, the devil wanted Jesus to worship him. Pastor Sam also pointed out that worshiping Satan is similar to worshiping oneself. A good way to resist this temptation is through spending quiet time with God – fasting is to know heart of God