Kingdom Comes

"God's Kingdom Here and Now" (Matthew 6:10 "your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven")

1. Introduction 

  • Miracle of healing: some get healed some don’t. These kind of "X-files" answers God will give to us when we get to heaven. We often struggle to have faith to pray for healing. 

  • Sci-Fi / Marvel movies: usually different kingdoms / those with superpowers coming to earth. They try to change the atmosphere on earth, having dominion over earth so they can come down and live and rule over earth.

  • God’s heart: we often walk around with a veil over our face. We need to see the world as God sees it, recognizing that God loves you. We are sometimes God’s worst critics - "God cares more about others than me”.

2. God's kingdom here and now

  • We are not waiting on earth just to get to heaven - life on earth is not just some projects to get through before reaching eternity. 

  • God wants to fill you, and have abundant Christ-filled victorious life on earth here and now.

3. Compartments in our heart 

  • There are many compartments in your life God wants to work on.

  • Even when we felt stirred in our heart to invite God into our lives when we were saved, we still reserve some other compartments of our life in our heart. e.g. Majority of kids that grew up in Sunday school / youth groups stop going to church when they go to college. 

  • God’s asking "what is in this room?" in each compartment of your heart. Does God not have rulership / dominion on any compartment of your life? 

  • God wants to be a God of your whole life, including your suffering, finances, career etc.

4. Concept of Environmental Christians

  • Environmental Christians - when I’m surrounded by Christians then I act like Christians. When I'm surrounded by non-Christians I too act like them.

  • On vacations, not bringing your bible, no time for QT, acting just like non-Christians 

  • I teach my kids to cultivate certain values and manners even outside home, like cleaning up your mess, being kind to others, etc not just at home.

5. Our role as ambassadors of Christ

  • Ambassadors in the Roman Empire: responsible for going to different regions and creating an atmosphere that pleases the king - extension of language and culture from the home region where the king resides. 

  • Our job as ambassadors of Christ is to bring God's kingdom and presence with you to the world.

  • World politics: conflicts getting close to war. The Christian response should not be “I don’t care these earthly issues. We will get to heaven anyway”

  • We can change the world, community that you live in.

6. Marketplace ministry; 7 "mountains" / spheres of influence (Family; Religion/Church; Education; Government; Media; Arts/Entertainment/Sports; Business/Science/Technology) 

  • All these areas influence the culture we live in.

  • If all men and women fully submitted to God, loving God, not cutting corners could rise to the highest positions in the mountains, we will have a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden, beaming out the light of God to the world (Matthew 5:14). 

7. God’s dominion on earth to be a reality

  • Bringing God’s kingdom values on earth: the battle we fight everyday

  • Often the things that we value in the world are temporal. 

  • Revelation 21:4: "He will wipe away every tear form their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away". We can experience this heavenly existence here on earth.

8. Eternal healing v temporal healing 

  • Testimonies of healing are amazing but healing on earth is only temporal.

  • Eternal healing through Christ Jesus - God has set eternity in the human heart (Ecclesiastes 3:11) although we are in a temporal body on earth.

  • Peter and transfiguration: Peter wanted to build three shelters for Jesus, Elijah and Moses (Matthew 17:4) but he was focusing on the temporal. 

  • Why does God bring healing on earth? To encourage you, to display God’s power - only one of the many avenues to experience God's power on earth.

9. Faith to bring heaven on earth 

  • The enemy tries to separate you from our testimonies of healing by planting lies like "God doesn't care about you": we have to use every ounce of our strength to fight those enemy's lies and must proactively ask God for His kingdom to come on earth 

  • Prayer for healing in faith should be, "thank you for healing" as it has already happened on earth as in heaven. 

  • "Kingdom of God here but not yet" - God is looking for people who have faith above and beyond 

  • Currency in God's kingdom to experience His power and presence is faith. 

10. Mark 7:24 - 30; Matthew 15:21-28: woman asking for "dog's crumbs" 

  • Woman with a demon-possessed child asks Jesus for help, "Lord, son of David, have mercy on me!" (Matthew 15:22) 

  • She asked 3 times. Jesus didn’t respond. Some scholars say only Jews can call Jesus "son of David" and she is a foreigner so Jesus might have not responded to her pretending to be a Jew

  • Jesus said "it is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to the dogs"- the gospel and blessings reserved for the Jews. Jesus was amazed at her amazing faith when she said dogs can still eat the children's crumbs under the table. She is saying "Jesus that's all I need, just the crumbs. I don't need the whole bread. That's enough of God's power to heal my daughter". 

11. Our identity as beloved children of God a) God is going to bless you because He loves you.b) Blessing a person that does everything by the book is more dangerous because one would think they earned the blessings. c) Parable of the Prodigal Son: The prodigal son and the older son were the same. The younger one was more emotional, and the older one was better at hiding his real emotions. Truth comes out when the older brother gets angry at the celebration the father throws for the younger son when he comes back home after squandering his inheritances.  d) We should stop comparing ourselves to others - "I'm better than that baby Christian, better than X" etc. 

12. Proclamations of Faith a) If things didn’t work out in your life as planned, have faith that you can trust God. Claim your identity as son and daughter of God. God loves me.b) What you see as a setback, God can turn it around as a divine set up for God's kingdom. 

13. P Sam's personal testimony of healinga) Severe back injury 13 years ago from an accident in China while getting a ride on a tractor without suspension  b) Couldn't sit down / pick things off the ground / lift heavy things / play with my son Micah / play basketball c) Two rounds of preachers praying over my back and didn't experience healing. d) By the third time a year later, my faith peaked, "This healing is mine, I claim it" - convergence between what I said I believed and what I actually believed in my heart e) After the third prayer for healing, still felt some pain but had absolute confidence that God healed me. Began to be able to do things I couldn't be before and a few weeks later, I was completely healed!f) After receiving complete healing, one night I woke up around 1 am with a sharp pain in my back and couldn't move my legs. Used upper body strength to get to the bathroom. Doubts creeped in my mind and I was reminded that my healing was not just in the physical but also in the spiritual and the enemy was trying to kill, destroy and rob my healing. I started rebuking the enemy aloud and "walked back" to bed from the bathroom and have never had back pain since that night. g) God healed me twice. Sometimes God heals or does not heal people. Just because it didn’t happen the first time we should not be discouraged from having faith for healing. 

14. In what area of my life do I need faith? a) Where in your life - marriage, work, finances, etc are you feeling beat-up? b) Where is the one are of your life God wants you to have a posture of faith?c) The woman with a bleeding issue (Mark 5:25-34) touched Jesus' cloak with faith that her healing "might" happen. d) Will you have faith that the physical and the spiritual will converge?e) When you feel some kind of conviction in your spirit from the Lord, you should speak it out and believe it. God will begin to reveal Himself to you.

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