Faith Comes by Hearing

George Müller the English evangelist simply relied on God to provide for his Orphanage. Never asked for anything. Morgans parents heard this, copied him, selling everything and moving into a bus with the kids, relying wholly on God. Preaching and teaching as they moved around. 

One day his dad gave away all his money again, got home and found the fridge was full of milk. His dad does it again this tune they can’t afford fuel for the car or food. At midnight a woman from an hour away turned up and gave them $74. Remember: If God can take care of milk he can take care of you. 

Started ministry of faith comes from hearing. Simply because Americans don’t tend to read, so they started recording the bible. Then others came from different nations wanting their language recorded. They created some tech to give to these missionaries. Solar and mechanical powered speaker with the bible loaded in different languages. They’ve now recorded the New Testament in 1230 languages.

Villages started gathering. When asked at which part of the story they came to Christ, They usually exclaiming that when they heard the genealogy of Jesus that’s when they came to Christ. 

Particularly in Africa who you are and who you come from is the most important thing. Therefore when they hear about this Jesus who is from David and Abraham, they listen. They want to know what he has to say.  

They will then discuss the story, like when an African village heard of Jesus casting demons out into the pigs which then went and drowned. “ Did Jesus reimburse the community?” One would ask. The elders helped explain the message; one mans soup is more important than any number of pigs or wealth. Morgan has found that he has learnt more discussing the bible in villages in Africa/India than at Home. 

Hindu woman was healed from hearing the story of a blind man being healed.

If all the ministries work together then by 2023 we can see a translation of the bible into every language.

Matt 24:14 - And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

This is a requirement before God will come  again. 

Are you obeying God, are you consumed by worldly goods, or are you willing to follow god wherever he is calling you? 

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