A Heart for Christmas

Parenting pointers for 5 love languages for adults after kids: silence, uninterrupted sleep, showering or going to bathroom without an audience, maid or laundry service, nobody touching me unless I ask. 

Parenting tips from Pastor Sam:

  • Children need a minimum of 8 touches per day from their parents to feel a connection.

  • Young children need physical touch. 

  • One meaningful eye-to-eye conversation per day. 

  • There are 9 minutes during the day that have greatest impact on a child. The first 3 minutes right after they wake up, 3 minutes when they first come home from school, the last 3 minutes before they go to bed. 

A few things we can do to prepare our hearts for Christmas:

  • Jesus born in Bethlehem but grew up in Galilee. 

  • Micah 5:2 & 4 - prophecy that Jesus would be born. 

  • Just as we are waiting for the 2nd coming of Christ, Israel was waiting for the birth of Christ (the first coming). 

  • Holidays can be the most difficult season for people to go through alone. 

  • Remember those who are without.

P Sam did not like going to church as a kid. For ~6 months he skipped Sunday school and played on playground.  He flushed $1 offering down the toilet every Sunday so his parents would not know he was skipping Sunday school.  His parents caught him on Easter Sunday. If somehow God can reach P Sam, he can reach anybody. No matter how distanced you are from God, it only takes one step to come back to him. Humble fellowship with God is having a child like dependence on God. Jesus can give you a new heart and a new mind.  3 things that Jesus came to earth with:

  • Humility

  • Love and kindness

  • Serve the lost

Love and kindness – having a heart that shows mercy. Deeds of justice, an active life especially for people that are disadvantaged or marginalised. As we prepare for Christmas, P Sam challenged us to show these same 3 things.

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