God's Timing

Last Sunday Pastor Sam preached on Matthew 2:1-12, and in particular he explained the significance of the gifts brought by the magi of frankincense, myrrh and gold. The gifts signify Jesus as a king (gold), savior (myrrh) and high priest. Gold is a often associated with royalty. frankincense was used by priests in religious practices and myrrh was used for the embalming of the dead. Receiving these gifts must have been difficult for Mary as it meant that Jesus will die. However, the real gift of Christmas is the gift of forgiveness. God knew that we need forgiveness more than anything. If we needed knowledge, God would have sent an educator / scientist; if we needed healing he would have sent a doctor; if we needed wealth he would have sent an economist. However, God knew we need forgiveness the most. Pastor Sam went on to paraphrase William Lane Craig, who pointed out that the birth of Jesus occurred exactly at the right time. The Roman empire provided peace and stability and built roads and which the Apostles' could travel to spread the Gospel. Also, scientists believe that only 2% of all the people who ever lived were born before Jesus was born - God's timing was perfect. Pastor Sam reminded the congregation to trust in God's timing and to focus and be grateful for what we have in the moment 

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