Importance of Fasting

Last Sunday Pastor Sam preached on the importance of fasting. (NB Solomon's Porch begins its 21 day annual fast on 2 Jan). Pastor Sam emphasized that fasting reminds us that we are enteral beings, and not just temporal. Denying ourselves, for some time, legitimately good things like food, helps us to "clear away" stuff, and to focus on what is really important. Sometimes we fall into the trap of believing that our best days were in our youth and that we are running out of time. Fasting is a good way to remind us that we are eternal beings. However, fasting is not like a new year's resolution. Although, there are some health benefits to fasting, this is not the purpose. People need to examine themselves to see whether their motives for fasting are right, and ask themselves the following questions: Is the desire to fast God-given, or do I want to impress others? What fast does God want me to do? Is my desire in fasting to draw nearer to God (fasting is one way of doing this)? Fasting is not about the activity, but the person i.e. God. behind the activity, therefore people should not focus on other earthly benefits of fasting like weight loss. One way to keep focusing on God during the fast is to pray together. (Solomon's Porch will meet at 7am for prayer, during the work week).

Fasting is a also a good way to humble ourselves. Pastor Sam emphasized that the biblical command is to humble ourselves, and, according to Pastor Sam it is un-biblical to ask God in prayer to humble us.

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