Transcendence in the Urban Church

The urban church (the churches in the cities) have a huge role to play. She is called to reach those in the city, the place which holds the largest number of the unreached today. How does the urban church does this? 

Consider the parable of the persistent widow and the judge (Luke 18:1-8). The parable has 4 points for us to learn: 

1. Transcendence

As the urban church, we need to see from a higher vantage point, God's point of view. The widow kept on persisting, knocking on the door like also persisting to dream, and she got her justice.  If we constantly knock like her or be persistent in our dreams, we can also amount to big things. 

Example: Asian Journeys is a ministry which hopes to nurture the youth to dream big and pursue them, to actualize big things. 

2. Prayer

This is one of the most important ways for us to practice faith in action. This helps us remember and walk in the truth that it is God who acts, and it is not about us being the solution makers! As we pray, we are choosing to believe in Him and seek His kingdom.  

This is a gift enabled by the Holy Spirit and allows us to be agents of change, history makers. 

How do we do missions as the Urban Church? 

1. Signals of Transcendence in the City: The urban church can point people to faith. 

For example, we can invite local churches to join in our activities, pray for the land, when we do retreats in Malaysia. The gospel we have is truly good news. Second example: The speaker was formerly training to be a Buddhist priest, and discovering God is his righteousness, he felt great relief knowing that he did not have to be righteous by his own merit. So how can we be a blessing to the city of Singapore? How can we share the gospel with others? 

2. Priests in Prayer

We are part of the royal priesthood. We are called to pray, and it is a way of putting our faith, our trust in God. 

3. Focus Areas in Holistic Missions (3)

We can consider doing this through these ways: 

a. Creation care eg. Green Desert Project - plants trees in Inner Mongolia, where the land has become desertified. 

b. Urban Missions - There are cities in Asia that are mushrooming but don't have the expertise to build. They are looking to Singapore and professionals e.g. engineers, architects, urban planners for help. If we know or are these professionals, we can take the opportunity to reach to cities otherwise less reached. 

c. Holistic wellness -

We need to seek to flourish God's righteousness in the city 

Example: Urban poverty shown in slums

This is a physical reality that we cannot ignore as the urban church.  We cannot avert our eyes, but choose to alleviate poverty. 

We need to also seek to instill righteousness in our children, and nurture them to raise them as leaders. 

Concluding Question for Reflection:

When the Son of Man returns will He find faith on earth?

Remember, faith transcends and faith acts.