Perspective, Prospects & Possibilities

Matthew 16:21-28

What does God have for you individually and corporately as a church? 

Matt shares from his testimony. When God called Matt and wife Christine to Seoul, they didn't want to go. They loved Singapore and the SP community. It was a struggle. But once they felt God say "go", they made the move in 2 weeks. Instead of trying to figure out all the details when they got there, they listened and followed God. This was also hard because they didn't know anyone in Seoul, but God. But in that way, there was no one to lean on and God worked. 

God wants to be perfect Father to us. 

To do that, He invites us to spend time with Him in prayer, His life-giving Word, to listen to Him and to obey Him. What He speaks to us and asks us to follow Him is not always easy. It can be really hard. What He leads us through will not necessarily be cushy, comfortable, understandable or even enjoyable.  

But the reward/after taste will be so sweet and exactly 100% what He wants and what is best for us. With that in mind, choose to return to God, listen to Him and see what He has to say. 

Then we can be the salt and light of the world to those around us. We also get to see God do miraculous things. 

Make Him first. Deny yourself. The time is now. 

There is so many possibilities that will come out of SPSG and that's super exciting! 

Matt Kwa is former SPSG member. From unsaved to encountering God and growing with Him. Now a junior pastor in Seoul.