The Wrestler

Genesis 32:22-32 relates the story of Jacob wrestling with God. Lay preacher Jennifer Khong draws out four key points from this passage:

1) You meet God alone. In this moment of crisis, Jacob secluded himself to meet God one-on-one. While community is key to our spiritual walk, there is no substitute for meeting God face to face.

2) You meet God in your weakness. Jacob is a very flawed person and his whole life history attests to that. Yet God still chose to meet him and bless him this most pivotal point in this life.

3) You meet God at the center. Jacob had been wrestling his whole life with others (his brother Esau, his father-in-law, etc). At the center of Jacob’s life is a struggle and that is where God meets him.

4) You meet God in His weakness. God could have destroyed Jacob with one fell blow. Yet he walks away from the match having let Jacob win. This foreshadows the role of Jesus, who to redeem us, made himself weak. Unlike Jacob, however, the full wrath of God was poured out on Jesus on the cross--where He wouldn’t let go so that we would get the blessing.