It's A Set Up

This Sunday lay preacher Jeremy preached on Luke 5, 1-7. In this passage, the disciples worked all night unsuccessfully. Peter probably felt tired and maybe some dissolution. However, Peter was successful when Jesus came into his boat. Also, had Peter been successful he may not have met Jesus. Disappointed maybe be a set up to meet Jesus. Your Failure Could Be A Setup to Meet Jesus (Verse 1,2).

Also important not to give up in the midst of failure.  (Verse 1,2) Peter was cleaning the net, he was preserving. Sometimes in our deepest sorrow, we are closest to God. Peter obeys first command to spend time with Jesus (Verse 3) Scripture says Jesus saw two boats and Jesus stepped on Peter’s boats. Does Jesus really need to step on the boat? He could have walked on the water but Jesus to step on the boat. The boat reminded Peter of his failure and Jesus wanted Peter to put down his burden. Peter obeys command in Going To Deeper Water (Verse 4, 5) In verse 4 Jesus says lay down your net, the miracle come after a period of quietness. Peter was obedient, maybe even when he didn’t feel like it. Peter trusted Jesus and Jesus filled his net. Peter received overflowing blessings (Verse 6, 7). Through obedience and trust, Peter experienced Miracle and blessings overflow to friends.