Expect the Unexpected

Key Verse: Mark 6:30 - 44 

1. Sometimes you just need a break: like the disciples when they were getting into the boat with Jesus they were in want of rest, after much ministry 

2. But when we want a break, we need to remember that God even more wants us to love people and have compassion on them: Jesus had compassion on the people and tells the disciples to give beyond what they don't have. 

3. When we follow God's instructions despite our little supply, we experience God's miracle through us: The disciples experienced God's miracle coming through their hands when they passed out the small portions and received back so much leftovers. 

4 We learn that God's economy is different than ours. The less He has, the more it seems he is able to make more: In this passage, Jesus fed 5000 with 2 loaves and 5 fish. In another passage, Jesus fed 4000 (Matthew 15, Mark 8). There he had 7 loaves of bread 

5. More than physical rest, we need spiritual rest. This rest comes with becoming aware of the need for God, and creating a space for God to fill. The need for God comes from our awareness and acceptance of our brokenness and our need for His presence. It's not about whether we are good enough or not. We lose sight of the gospel if we focus on our self worth. The gospel is about God being good. 

Especially as we lead up to retreat, let's ready ourselves, and be empty. Don't fill yourself up with "snacks", but get hungry for God and the things of God. He's prepared spiritual food, a hearty steak that we can fully appreciate when we are hungry. Make alone time with God and let's be ready for revival! It's going to be good, because He is good!