Passion for Christ

Last Sunday Pastor Sam preached on Matthew 17. Solomon's Porch (Singapore) had its annual retreat a few weeks ago and it felt like the best retreat so far. However afterward sometimes it happens that one comes back and feel a bit down, that we don’t feel as close to God as at retreat. This is a spiritual battle. There might be some doubt or disappointed and Pastor Sam reminds the congregation that it is ok to doubt. For instance, Thomas was doubting. However, it is important to remember that Thomas was not the only one who was doubting but Thomas was humble enough to voice his doubt and to be open about it. The key is to voice doubt and pain within the community.

We strive for spiritual high places but normally we don’t live on high places. Jesus took the disciples to a high place but this place was not the highest place. The highest place is heaven, however, as in the Lord’s prayer, we should strive for God’s kingdom in this world too. Community is important, there is a danger to rely on events or meeting very spiritual people. If God speaks to you and if it is truly a blessing from God then you should bless other people with it too. God doesn’t want Christians that only spend time with other Christians. God chose you to spread the gospel.

We live in two worlds and this is the struggle. This is a challenge - how to maintain passion for Christ? There are a few markers: It involves sacrifice, and putting the needs of others before yourself. Act 2 shows how the disciples lived together after Jesus died and was resurrected, one of the key factors is that it depends on you. In the Matthew ch 17 Peter had other plans but then God spoke and in this moments you have to be quiet. Pastor Sam challenged the congregation to remember the last time God spoke to you, and go back (in spirit) to this place. Make time for God, push things out to have capacity to hear from God.