I'm Sick of Milk

This Sunday guest preacher Pastor Hyunsu preached on 1 Corinthians 2:14.

Corinth was similar to Singapore. Both cities were a sophisticated melting pot of different cultures and influences. Similar to SP Singapore, the church in Corinth was about 4 or 5 years old. Pastor Hyunsu points out that there is a there was lack of unity in the church. Also the church nowadays is divided, Sometimes Christianity can become a competition bet, in terms of size, authenticity or quality of preaching. Paul said he can only speak to the Corinthians as fleshly men, that he could only give them milk not solid food. Paul says in want to give you more but he can’t. The same happens in church nowadays people sometimes can only have milk, and for adults only receiving milk is boring. That is why the Christian message may appear as boring sometimes.

Pastor Hyunsu says he really felt that God wanted him to talk about unity in the church on Sunday.  He points out that Jesus gave us a new command: Love one another! The reality is most of us do not fulfill this commandment. Pastor Han Sun challenged the congregation to ask themselves if they as SP Singapore are characterized by unity? Jealousy is a common problem in the church. A lot of times people do not show their jealousy but they keep it on the inside. Pastor Hyunsu shared the story how God convicted him of his jealousy and told him to confess his jealousy to the person he was jealous by sending a text message. Pastor Hyunsu explained how he felt it very difficult to send this text message but after he sent it he felt set free from his jealousy. After a few months the person he was jealous about spoke to him in tongues and he was able to interpret it. Jealousy and strive is a hindrance to the blessings of God. Sometimes being caught up in 'church stuff' (like strife or disunity) that stops you us from doing God’s work. Pastor Hyunsu reminded the congregation that If we don’t help each other and feel each other’s pain we are not one body. Only until we achieve the full maturity of Christ can we get solid food. God calls us not to live according to the flesh.