Walking with God

This week P Sam Kim spoke on our questions to God of ‘who are you?’ and ‘who am I?’

Moses, a former prince of Egypt, was in exile for 40 years as a shepherd in the wilderness, was called to confront Pharaoh, the most powerful man on earth at the time (Exodus 3:1-14: Moses and the burning bush). Moses was full of doubt, and had many questions of God. Moses asks ‘who are you?’ to which God answers ‘I AM.’; Moses then asks, ‘who am I [to do this]?’ And God’s answer is simply, ‘I will be with you.’

It is understandable to want to ask questions of God, and to want every assurance before we enter into a serious relationship. While God does answer Moses, he does not answer the questions as Moses would like. In this example, we can see an invitation into a relationship with God and a promise that He will walk with us. God does not provide any further assurance to Moses, or to us, other than ‘I will be with you’. 

Moses did not feel adequate in the task of confronting Pharaoh. But God assured Moses, and assures us, that we can walk in confidence with Him. 

Sometimes when hear God’s calling, we may feel that we are being called to do the impossible, and have very real doubts about our calling coming into being. Moses makes an audacious declaration to Pharaoh, and Pharaoh’s reaction is to make the situation worse for the Israelites (Exodus 5); leaving Moses to question God’s calling of him. But as we know the full story, we know that God kept his promise to Moses and to the Israelites (Exodus 6). 

We know of the fulfilment of God’s promise to Moses in retrospect, but when we are in the midst of the battle we may be full of doubt. Nonetheless, we can have confidence in God’s promise. We will have ups and downs in the seasons of our lives, and in the downs we may be filled with doubt, and turn away from God. 

Despite Moses’ ups and downs in guiding the Israelites out of Egypt, and Moses’ own personal failings, he continues seeking God. Moses speaks with God, and grows further in intimacy and trust in Him. Following Moses’ example, we must walk in relationship with God. We have been covered in the blood of Christ, God will always be with us, at the highest points and the lowest points of of lives, and we can journey in the confidence of Him.