Community Builder: Appreciation

This week P Sam spoke on the fundamentals of a church community, the first in a series of sermons on community building. P Sam asked each of us to examine our role as as believers and community members, each in accordance with our stage of life and Christian maturity. We each need to seek God’s calling for our personal role in the church: aiming to create an open and appealing community for those inside and outside the church. 

1 Thessalonians 5 gives detailed instructions on the fundamentals of building a church community, P Sam set out 6 points highlighted in the scripture:

  1. Appreciate and esteem those who contribute (v12-13): encourage people in leadership and those who give up their time and effort for the community. There is a lot of work done behind the scenes in any community, we should all be appreciative for anyone who helps out.
  2. Rejoice, pray and be thankful (v16-18): focus on and give thanks for the work God is doing
  3. Give grace and forgive (v14-15): just as God has forgiven us, we need to model that behaviour on each other
  4. Seek the spirit under the scrutiny of the scriptures (v19-20): we should not shy away from the movement of the spirit in us, always carefully weighed and tested against the scriptures
  5. Help the hurting and encourage the faint hearted (v14): there are many little things each of us can do to build up the church, and we choirs have an awareness for the everyday struggles of those around us.
  6. Stay together and pray together (v14 & 17): we all need a helping hand and need encouragement from each other, even in those times where we prefer to be alone, perhaps especially in those times.
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