Last Sunday pastor Sam preached on the importance of contending in fasting and reflected on Daniel 10:1-14.

Some commentators have pointed out that technically Daniel's fast was not a fast, but mourning and abstaining from food. However, the important point is that Daniel was seeking God’s assurance, Daniel humbled himself and he was desperate to hear from God. Pastor Sam also reminded the congregation that it is important not to gauge one's own fast by the way others are fasting. One should not judge if others are fasting less or be dismayed if others are fasting more. In fasting it is important to contend and to say: ""God I’m hungry but I’m more hungry for you." Fasting and prayer can open spiritual eyes.(Important to remember that Daniel alone was able to see  the vision.of the angel).

Daniel 10:1-14 also mention the prince of Persia and the idea of demonic strongholds. Some commentator believe that the prince of Persia was senior demon, some say Satan. However, it sees clear that there is hierarchy among demons. This passage also shows the importance of perseverance. One needs to recognize there will be push-back during the fast. But if there is push-back, it is important to persevere. Also important to recognize doubting is part of human nature. (Mother Teresa and Martin Luther had doubts but they kept on  persevere). What one does with doubt is important, not doubt itself. CS Lewis said; Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted besides your changing moots. Pastor Sam also reminded the congregation that it is crucial to persevere. Daniel got an answer on day 22 day - imagine he had given up on day 21.

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