Finish Strong

Many testimonies being shared at EMP during the fast.

Around day 15. Children’s pastor position filled! Praise God!

For P Sam the year only really starts after contending for God through the 21 day fast. Some people may chose to go to water only over the last couple of days. Breaking fast is about awakening the stomach again, simple food not too big portion. Curb your intake until your body is ready. Would you put cheap gas in a Ferrari? Through the fast you condition your body to be running on all cylinders and should consider the quality of what you consume, when you break fast, soda isn’t necessarily the best fuel

God sees your heart, He will meet you where you are at, if you are truest giving, he will meet you where you are at. However big or small.

Around age of 33, Jesus heads out of his personal life into public full time ministry. In Luke 3, before Jesus goes into wilderness, Jesus was Baptised. Heavens open up and blessing descends on Him in the form of a dove, before Jesus does anything God is already affirming him that he loves him and is well pleased. 

Matthew 4

He was led into the wilderness where he was for 40days. At this point even Jesus was hungry. The enemy knows when you are feeling weak and attacks you there. This message is to share some guard rails for how to defend from the enemy’s attack. Devil tempts Jesus, he progressively tempts with bigger things, he can quote scripture. The way to defend is with scripture. 

Finally the truth comes out from Satan - “bow down and worship me”. Ultimately that’s his goal. Jesus resists him then he sends him away and the power of the spirit fills Jesus

Luke 3- Jesus Baptism - What did God do? He communicated personally, publicly, powerfully and clearly that “he loves you and has my approval”. Essentially Jesus you have nothing to prove. Know your Father and know how God thinks of you, finally you have to know your purpose. God loves Jesus before he did anything! He didn’t “earn” it. Spiritual attacks happen 99% in your mind, before they come into action in the flesh. If you lose the battle in your head then you have already lost. 

In the garden of Gethsemane the battle was real and won in the head and heart of Jesus before going to the cross. Attacks will come in your mind first. What does the bible say: Take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. 

Satan is warring for the thoughts of Jesus, wanting to change his thoughts. This is literally a battle. It’s paramount that Jesus knows who he is. 

The enemy is attacking Jesus’ identity, his validity, his power, his authority. Jesus is God. In a new job or situation, if you don’t know who you are you burn a lot of energy trying to get their approval. 

We need guardrails, don’t get ensnared in the same traps of 2018 in 2019. He will often Attack you in the same way. E.g relationships, finances, identity etc. He’s lurking and waiting to disconnect you from God.

5 things to protect you against the attacks of the enemy, last year:

1 - Temptation, identify your greatest struggles in 2018. What are the things that knocked you out last year

2 - Location, ask God to show you where the devil is, to see where he’s attacking from.

3 - Sword, the word of God is a weapon, get fed in the week, go to house church. The word of God is called a sword - it’s supposed to kill something.

4 - Stay connected with God, through quiet times and regular, individual personal time with God. He wants intimacy with you, not just a Sunday service, a Sunday service will not sustain you.

5 - Stay connected with your house church, it’s a collected effort in this battle. The house church “your squad” will encourage and support you. Even Jesus needed this, he asks Peter and John to join him in prayer in the garden, he didn’t need them. If Jesus needed his crew “disciples” then so do you!

The body of God can survive any attack. Jesus being tempted has parallels with Adam in the garden of eden. The difference is that Jesus knew who he is, was sure of his identity, who God is and the scripture. 

Finish the fast strong. Commit to these 5 guardrails, let’s look forward to the testimonies that we will hear at the end of 2019 as a result

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