Love, Faith & Wisdom

Last Sunday, guest speaker Pastor Selemat, from Solomon's Porch Indonesia delivered the sermon. The occasion was, that the first ever Indonesian Solomon's Porch Singapore service will be held at 1pm. Pastor Selemat started his sermon by sharing a bit of his personal testimony. How feels very blessed by God. 15 years ago the senior Pastor of Solomon's Porch, Pastor Sam Song, accepted him to start an Indonesian service, and now Solomon's Porch Singapore is starting an Indonesian Service. 

In his message Pastor Selemat looked more closely at 2 Kings 5. In particularly he focused on the little girl - the servant of Naaman's wife. Naaman has leprosy. Leprosy, can be seen a physical as well as spiritual ailment (Leprosy makes the skin numb, but we can also be spiritually numb). Naaman needed healing, similarly people, who are away from Christ have same problem, they need healing. It is important to recognize that the little girl is lower than helper, she is a slave but she is full of love for her master. For us, it is important to start sharing gospel by having love. (Pastor Selemat  points out that there are 130-140k of Indonesian workers in Singapore.) The little girl also has faith, that the prophet will be able to cure Naaman. Naaman's wife also saw how faithful the girl was and trusted her. (Pastor Selemat points out that sometime people pray in public places but they do not seem to care about people around them) Lastly Pastor, Selemat, pointed out that the little girl spoke to Naaman's wife not Naaman directly.Sometimes an indirect approach is better. The lesson that Pastor Selemat drew from this passage are that in order to bring people to Jesus you need: love, faith, personal testimony and wisdom. He reminded the congregation that people in SP Singapore are more educated and wealthier than little girl and God wants to use us.