The Problem with Prison

Last Sunday guest speaker Pastor Sam Song, the founder and senior Pastor of all the Solomon's Porch churches, preached on the theme of "The Problem with Prison". The reading was taken from Matthew 11:1-15. In this passage John the Baptist, is in prison, and sends his disciples to Jesus to ask Him if He is the Messiah or if they should wait for somebody else. Pastor Sam points out that it is strange for John to ask this question. After all John leaped in the womb, when Mary visited Elizabeth, and John was there at Jesus' baptism when a voice declared 'Jesus is My beloved Son, listen to Him'. The question is why after all this John was still had to ask if Jesus is the Messiah. Pastor Sam points out that it is important to recognize that John was in prison at the time. Further, John had lead an exemplary life - he did everything right - yet he finds himself in prison. Jesus did not meet John's expectation of what the Messiah should b, and that is why John questioned Jesus.

This passage contains important lessons for us as believers. First, one can do 'everything right' and still things can go very wrong by the standards of the world. Sometimes, we are at fault for other bad situation but as the example of John shows, even if one does everything right, things can still seem very bleak. Second, when things go badly we tend to question Jesus. Pastor Sam points out that he does not have a complete answer as to why bad things happen. However, we can trust Jesus with our lives because Jesus is humble and gentle (Matthew 11:29). Jesus did not take offence when John questioned Him, instead Jesus praised him. We can be honest with God and tell Him about our discouragement. God is not discouraged by our discouragement and we can trust Him fully.