The Fellowship of The Believers

Acts 2:36-47

Post resurrection, Peter is speaking to a crowd of Jews, boldly points out who Jesus is, and why he was killed, and the people were ‘cut to the heart.” They respond with a deep nagging question that still needs to be dealt with today. “What must be do?”

Pastor Matt addresses pertinent answers to this question, and how these responses actually deal with our hearts before God, and then secondly, with each other.

First, our hearts need to be right before God. If our hearts are not right, we will not be thinking about God, let alone asking ourselves how we treat each other in a godly way. Secondly, repentance need not be feared. Whenever we turn away from sin-when we commit to a U-turn, we loose the chains, we become free from bondage to that sin, and we receive more of the Holy Spirit and His blessings on our lives. Lastly, there is so much more at stake than what inconveniences us. We alone have a choice every day, whether we run to God, or just stand still and hope God just takes care of everything. Drawing close to God is a choice.
“Move with the Spirit, and do whatever it takes. Follow God and be bold. We’re all part of God’s story.”   Pastor Matt