Healing and the Holdup

Throughout the Bible there are a number of times Jesus heals and there is always an element of faith. But it is not just physical healing, it is much more.

Mark 5:21-43

Jesus is walking through a large crowd of people and Jairus (leader in the Synagogue) begs Jesus to come with him because his daughter is dying. Jesus agrees (Jairus must have felt a major relief). But on the way a woman touches Jesus cloak, and the power left Jesus. Jesus asked “Who touched my cloak?” Why did Jesus ask this question? Jesus wants to heal the whole being.

- The woman was labeled unclean and Jesus wants her healing to be acknowledged in the community so she is accepted.
- The woman had superstitious faith (if I can touch Jesus then I will be healed – saying you can control God’s power). But Jesus wants her to know that it’s not the touch that healed her but her faith.
- Jesus gave her more than physical healing – Gave her life transformation!

Meanwhile Jarius is anxiously waiting for Jesus to come with him. Then hears that his daughter is dead. He had hope and then it was taken away. People said don’t bother Jesus anymore.

Jesus wants the journey.

- Jesus will not be hurried because He loves you.
- He wants to get to know you.
- We don’t come to Jesus to manage Him, but to be managed by Him.
- Verse 36 “Don’t be afraid, just believe.”
- Often, we have submitted ourselves to God, but wonder why hasn’t our circumstance changed.
- Humans are very cause and effect. God says trust me and be patient.
- God can do way more than we could ever expect.
- Jarius came to God for healing of his daughter’s fever and Jesus performed a resurrection!
- God wants open heart surgery, not just to put a band aid on you.

If God is not healing in the way you want.

- Be still and know God is in control.
- Do not be afraid, just believe.
- Even when we have lost all hope, God is still in control.

Have faith not in faith, but faith focused on Jesus. It won’t always be easy, but Jesus is wise and in control. There can be victory in the mount top and the valley.