Step Into The Light

There are steps we can take to walk into a deeper relationship with God. Repentance leads us to Jesus; to freedom, peace, wisdom, identity, purpose, healing, reconciliation, and love.

  • Acknowledge the darkness.

We need to admit that we live in darkness, and as we deal with pressures and challenges like our workplaces and our health, we need to admit that there are even deeper places God wants us to open up to Him. These places include our fears, insecurities, our dreams and failures. God wants us to be honest, and share where our hearts are really at.

  • Face the darkness, and welcome the Light.

As we come to an understanding of our sin, we need to accept that we actually deserve punishment. On the other hand we know that God is for us, and He is the only way to get through our circumstance, and He will get us through it. Just take one step toward me, God would say to you.

  • Conquer the darkness.

Find your way back to Jesus. Just walk straight to God and be honest with Him. Rid yourself of the lies. God is taking us from darkness to the light. Go to Him first; God is not one option. He is the only way. “There is no process when it comes to God; God is the process.” PMatt Kwa

John 8:12 “…I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”