The River

Bob Sorge: is a guest speaker from Kansas City. He had a vocal injury in 1992, can now only speak 1 hour per day. Jesus likened the Holy Spirit to a flowing river.  The Holy Spirit leads us in corporate worship. The genesis of all worship is the cross.  What starts as a trickle of water becomes a deep river that will sweep us off our feet with the love of God (Ezekiel 47:5). Pray that we will all be caught up with the flow of the Holy Spirit in our church. 

God’s intention for corporate worship is that the river gets so deep that miracles begin to happen as we glorify Jesus. Unbelievers are falling on their faces and realizing that God is in this place when they get swept up in worship (1 Corinthians 14:24-25). Corporate worship is not what believers say about the worship, it is when unbelievers leave the service saying that God is in this place. 

Worship leaders trade secret:

  • They are river hunters. Throw out a song and see if the river starts flowing. 

  • Decide whether to stay with the set list or get out of the boat and into the river. 

  • Let your worship leaders know when they have found the river of God and go with it. Do not just follow

  • the set list if needed. 

  • Worship leaders at church should NOT feel that they are competing with YouTube playlist. If you

  • wanted studio quality worship you would just stay at home. You will never get the river of worship out

  • of your YouTube playlist. This will only happen in-person at the church. 

  • Where does the Holy Spirit want to take us today? Follow the movements of the Holy Spirit in worship. 

  • Sing both old songs and new songs in worship. Old songs gather us, new songs move us forward in the river of God. 

In Heaven we will be in the middle of flowing river of God (Revelation 7:9-10). The worship of heaven is multitude driven.  People come to church in passive mode.  People are not worship robots having the worship leader pressing buttons that tell them what to do.  The great multitude must arise and take back the worship service. It does not belong to the worship leader.  There is no worship leader in Heaven. Everyone in Heaven will already be on fire for God. We can get a taste of Heaven today through worship.

Come to the house of God because you ARE on fire, not to get on fire.

Wei Miin Tan