Sight Beyond Sight

Guest speaker Pastor Calvin Hong of Awaken Generation spoke on God’s vision for our lives. God has issued us an invitation for a journey with Him. We need to have faith in God’s vision for our journey. Often, when we come across obstacles on our journey with God, we look to our own strength for resolution rather than looking to God. 

The clarity and direction of God’s vision help us to understand God’s promise and blueprint for our lives. Our own limited vision can be dangerous or discouraging. Instead, we need to submit to God’s blueprint and fix our vision on God, and His eternal promise.

After Abraham was called to follow God and was faced with famine, Abraham looked to Egypt and not to God; and even when in Egypt, he lied about his relationship with Sara because he failed to trust in God (Genesis 12). This is contrasted with Abraham’s trust in the Lord when parting from Lot, allowing Lot to take the land that is ‘better’ from the worldly perspective (Genesis 13). 

Worldly vision comprises what we can squeeze out of a situation. Favour from God is not intended as favour to be bottled up for ourselves, but to flow out of you as a blessing to others. Further, God’s vision for your life will not be the same as His vision for others; seeing our journey in comparison to someone else’s is our limited perspective on God’s omniscient vision. You are bespoke, God’s plan is as bespoke for you as it is for your neighbour.

To walk in God’s vision, we need “V.I.S.I.O.N.” :

  1. “V”- isualise God’s vision for our lives;
  2. “I”- nitiate, and take steps to walk in God’s vision;
  3. “S”- ubmit ourselves to God’s plan as the architect of our lives;
  4. “I”- nvest in God’s vision for our lives;
  5. “O”- wning God’s vision - knowing that our lives belong to God, and accepting His vision as our own, and that we live in the promise of God’s inheritance;
  6. “N”- uture our relationship with God, even through uncertainty and discouragement. We need to be planted in God’s streams of living water, focus on the growth of our relationship with God, and not the growth and paths of others.