Philippines 2: 1-18
#squadgoals (noun) an inspirational term for what you’d like your friends to be
There is an innate human nature longing to connect. Reality is it's not easy to have intimacy.


1) It's not all about you:
Don’t be selfish. Be humble and think of others as more than yourself. The world says – look after yourself. Question to ask yourself: is how does that work when you have a family and a team/partner. If you want to have a successful relationship. You need to have an attitude that is selfless. Release the selfish stronghold. Give respect to people ideas. Treat people with kindness (Luke 18:9). Those who magnify themselves will be humbled. And those who humble themselves will be magnified. Avoid comparison: it blinds you with your own self-righteousness. That’s pride, and it will bring you down. Question to ask yourself: are keeping points in your relationship? Choose to be selfless in your actions. Disappointment arises when: We fail to anticipate our sinful nature in ourselves, partner and friend. How to be selfless: to admit there is another way.

2) Who are you following:
We should have the same attitude as Jesus Christ. (john 3:16). Christ that humbled Himself. Adopt and aspire to have HIS same attitude. MEANINGLESS AND VALUELESS ACTION: if we do the right thing with the wrong attitude. If someone does something with the wrong attitude the value is lost.

Goal: the right attitude with the right action.
V7: he gave up his privileges.
Never make decisions based on fears vs a healthy boundary.
Question/Actions to ask yourself: look for ways that you can intentionally contribute and serve
both in actions and in the words of encouragement you give others.
e.g @ Work: how about consider ways to better collaborate.
Be intentional: the attitude of service. Be humble.

We represent God: Your walk and reputation need to self-exemplify attributes of God. Do everything without whining and complaining. What do you want to be known as?

3) Learn to shine and not whine.